How I Became an Immigrant

“Come this way, some say with sweet eyes

Opening their arms, and sure it could be good if I’d listen when they say, come this way!

I looked at them with glazed expression

My eyes filled with irony and fatigue

And I cross my arms

And I never go that way….” (Black Chant – Jose Regio)


This is a small a piece of a poem that changed my life.

Welcome to my blog page! This is my first post, YEY!

On this post I’ll introduce you to the most important moments of my life. A long path, which brought me to right here right now.

Today I’m fighting to chose the things that I want in life,  and accept the mission to inspire and empower immigrant women is one more step up on this path.

Are you ready? Let’s go…

I am 5, all that I want is to have a father. I’m excited to meet my mom’s husband, he is going to be my father!

I’m 6, now I have to share a father that I just had for a year! I hate my little brother!

I’m 9, my sister came as a beautiful surprise! I had a real doll to play with!

I’m 11, volleyball is everything that I care about. I’ll be a professional player for sure!

I’m 15, hormones are yelling and the will to become more independent as well. I don’t know what I want, but I really want something!

I’m 16, I give up volleyball and started an internship.

I’m 17, I love the place I work for. I want to stay there. Oh, they keep your internship if you study psychology! All right! Psychology here I go!

Ohh, University is full time, who told you to pass on the best one?! I left my internship, a very sweet and sour moment.

I got lucky on my first important choice…..

I’m 20, behavioral analysis is awesome! Go Skinner!

Everyone in my college travels, knows english… I want to travel too!

My friend tells me about this cultural exchange, I just needed to like kids, and know English ….

Now I had a dream! I wanted to travel, I needed to know how it is to live out there.

I’m 22, I’m graduating, everyone is taking fellowships tests on the best hospital of my country….. I want to travel…. But if I pass on the tests….

Last day, one hour before the closing time, I applied.

I took the tests, I passed!

That’s so awesome!

Uff, but I’m not traveling then…

Okay, next year I go for sure!

Next, year the hospital opens new positions, my friends are applying, I decided to apply too. Just for fun, who knows!

I passed, the same week a host family in Seattle,WA contacts me, “-Do you want to be our au pair?”

Oh my God! What should I do?

My familie and friends said: “- Stay, this is an incredible opportunity, you just graduated, you will never get a job like that again”. – “Are you going to the US to be a nanny? Ah…”- “They have terrorists” – “Stay!”

My heart hurts, my gut tells me the job is not the answer!

And my friend shows me this poem, and after that I found out my decision. “I’m not going that way”

I think you guys know what I chose, and that’s how I in March 2013 became an immigrant.

That was one of my first autonomous decisions…. I was an adult then, I was ready to fly!

The rest is part of the next chapter of my life’s book!

Do you wanna know more about me? Leave your questions on the comment, I’ll be happy to answer them =).

Share with your friends, is always good to be reminded to follow your heart. Always.